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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i'm a slut because i'll wear shorts and a tanktop

i'm a bitch because i don't let you push me around

i'm a liar because i won't tell you everything

i'm stupid because sometimes i'm wrong

i'm ugly because my face isn't perfect

i'm a whore because i like boys

i'm annoying because i'm not chill enough

i'm a loser because i'm not friends with your group

i use people because i do whats best for me

i'm fake because most of the time i'm happy

i'm weird because i'm not like you

i'm controlling because i get mad sometimes

i'm clingy because i like to be around people

i'm greedy because i like to be satisfied

i'm naive because i'm younger than you

i'm conceited because i'm proud of who i am

i'm rude because my manners aren't perfect

i'm unappreciative because i don't praise you

Don't try to tell me who i am because i already know.

@ 11:37 AM

Sunday, August 19, 2007

abandon :)

@ 1:25 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interview with myself

Today we'll be interviewing Haneesha about her life and the rumours. There's a reason for this. it's because Haneesha is fed up about having to explain EVERYTHING to everyone. sO, once and for all. After this interview Haneesha will return to her normal blogging.

Interview by: Honey

So, Haneesha, tell us a bit about yourself?
Im well, what I would say LOUD AND PROUD. haha

What things have you heard about yourself?
Loads! and stupid people actually believe it. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. are stupid or just plain dumb?!

What's the worst thing you've heard?
Uhm, last year some BITCH turned the whole gang of prefects against me. I mean are u sooo immature just coz youre jealous? sure i have everythin you dont...i have LIFE. but it doesnt mean that im evil. gahh. and they actually believed her aside from the few. she said terrible things about them and made it look as if i said them. get real already. Oh ya once there was this girl (I WONT NAME YOU) who spread some shit rumour about my darling Ranjini.

Do you still talk to her?
I forgive but dont forget. Shes a backstabber and ill always remmbr that. SHe'll live a curel sad and pathetic life. you'll see :)

So, there's been rumours that you had or have a boyfriend. what can you say about this?
hahaha. Me? boyfriend? hahah No la. never had, never intend to, never will. for now anyway. Im too young i feel. boys are stupid lets throw rocks at them. kidding.

Not even crushes?
Of coz theres crushes. But theyre on unrealistic celebrities which i KNOW i have no chance with. BUT its fun to stalk and imagine and pretend

What about the rumours that you're a lesbian?
oh gosh! no! some people are so pathetic. they think if youre a girl and youre single ure a loser. that or either ure a lesbian. get a life you WHORES.

But most of the lesbian rumours started when you finished your schools drama production when you cut you hair and became a, i quote," hot guy"?
haha. That was for my character you see. Sure i have many faces and phases i go through in my life. Ive always wanted to have an edgy short hair style. so i did it. And i had an excuse. so, its good.

ok. Do you go on diets and stuff to lsoe weight?
well i did. i used to count calories and stuff. i lost come weight but i think ive put it on back. Whats not to love about food. its GREAT. Food-o-holic

Are you emo?
Emo as in emotional? sometimes yeah. but if youre tryna label me, DONT. i hate labels. IM not emo goth punk watever else. Im Haneesha and thats who i wanna be. Emo wanna-bes GET A LIFE. attention seeker prats wallowing in self pity, youre NOT emo. youre STUPID. see the difference?

What do u think about those desperate girls who will go head over heels for a guy? or just talk about guys?
pathetic. they dont have their priorities in life straightened up. I understand crushes but to go to that extend?! that's just bringing down the female race man. the girls who talk about guys 24/7 need to get a life and realise that theres SO MUCH MORE to life thn a boy. and to them you think im a loser cz i dont have/had a bf or a lsoer coz im commenting on them beacuse of thebf reason, u think youre cool now but lets see where yuo are when i have got an education a sports car and loads of cash and you by the street dressed hooker...oh are one. Thn, ill ask you whos the loser.

Thank you for you time haneesha, it was a pleasure interviewing you. im sure ill be back in the future to aid you in squashing the rumours that are yet to come
Thank you. :)

@ 4:20 PM

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Honey in the hat

Top hat

Made by me

For me

For the food fair




@ 11:48 PM

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I realized
that me and may
swear the same

HOLY MOTHER OF...(insert whatever here or leave it blank)


no wonder we get along
love yahh MAY!!

@ 3:52 PM

Friday, July 13, 2007

Loves to chat. [that I do]
Loves those who love them. [What not good about being loved?]
Loves to takes things at the center. [Im not sure...]
Inner and physical beauty. [HELL YEAH xD]
Lies but doesn't pretend. [not really weii...]
Gets angry often. [me? nahhh ]
Treats friends importantly. [they aree PRECIOUS]
Brave and fearless. [Except when it comes to roaches. ]
Always making friends. [yeaaap]
Not easily hurt but recovers easily. [i think..]
Daydreamer. [yeah]
Opinionated. [yeah]
Does not care to control emotions. [I used to not be able to control I can]
Unpredictable. [thats so truueee]
Understanding. [yeahh. I FELL YOU MANN]
Fun to be around. [hell yeah]
Outgoing. [hell yeah]
Hyper. [hell yeah]
Bubbly personality. [hell yeah]
Secretive. [sometimes...]
Boy/girl crazy. [hell yeah...what's life without it. Stalking is funnn]
Loves sports, music,leisure and travelling. [hell yeah]
Systematic. [not really...]
Hot but hasbrains. [hell yeah...I think xD]
If you repost this in 5 mins, a cutie that's caught your eye will introduce themselves and you will realize thatyou are very much alike in the next 2days. [STUPID LA> but the rest is true ish]

@ 3:56 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MY BROTHHHAAA is Nicole Kidman

he's my nicole kidman




I still feel so touched that day la

my friends are so awesome


I wanted to eat Lecka Lecka

For those of you who don't know what Lecka Lecka is *glare*, its Italian ice cream, gelato, and its EXCELLENT! they have different flavours and it tastes awesome too.

So I really wanted to eat it and I was practically rolling on the floor on the brink of death (note the drama-queen exaggeration) and I was looking for victim to go eat Lecka Lecka or at least accompany me and someone VOLUNTEERED

i mean

aww-ness much

So, they came, fetched me, let me eat ice cream and sent me home


Thanks guysss


I feel so touched

Now, everytime I feel as if no one cares and stuff, I think of this, and I feel so much more apprecaited.

thanks :)


@ 12:08 AM


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